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Because WhatsApp has taken over traditional SMSs!

WhatsApp messenger has revolutionized communication, with mobile phone users shifting from SMS messages to WhatsApp to constantly stay in touch with their acquaintances. In such an advanced digital era, 6S Digital is here to help you leverage WhatsApp marketing, reach out to prospects and build brand awareness among masses.

If you are planning to launch a new product or service, what better way would you have other than spreading word through WhatsApp. Our skilled professionals chalk out effective WhatsApp marketing campaigns that will help you extend your reach and spread promotional messages far and wide at cost-effective prices. Everything from messages, images, videos and audio files, experts at 6S Digital can help you share them all through our comprehensive range of WhatsApp marketing services.

WhatsApp Marketing Services at 6S Digital: Key Features

Helping you to be smart in the smart-phone era

Regardless of your target audience, WhatsApp enables you to send business promotional messages across the world. As part of our WhatsApp marketing services, we help you send bulk messages quickly, conveniently and at low costs. Our experts create groups, send and receive messages, images, videos and audio clips, as per your business requirements.

Create and Manage Contact Lists

Our experts create group lists to make it easy to send messages in bulk, thus delivering your campaigns in a single click.

Send Multimedia Messages

To help you engage the audience through images, videos and audio files, we attach the multimedia content to your messages.

Track Delivery Reports

Understanding how important it is to ensure delivery of promotional messages, our professionals keep a tab on delivery reports and keep you up-to-date with statues like sent, delivered or failed.

Advantages of 6S Digital’s WhatsApp Marketing Services:

Global Reach: With WhatsApp marketing campaigns, you can target the international market easily as the messenger allows one to send messages across the globe.

Send Images, Videos and Audio Files: Our experts help you send mass messages that include text, images, audio and video files with a single click.

Greater Mobility: To use WhatsApp, all you need is an internet connection. Thus, it allows you to send bulk messages at anytime and anywhere.

Save Costs: With WhatsApp marketing, you will end up saving a considerable amount of money as it is cheaper than SMS marketing.

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