6 Digital Marketing Trends 2018, Worth Paying Attention

The awareness of technology and its benefits have increased a lot. There was a time when technology didn’t have much influence on the lives, but nowadays there is an accessory decided for each task and duty.

digital marketing trends in 2018

In the past the washing of clothes was much more difficult, people used to wash them with their hands, which was a very irritating task to do, and it not just consumed more time but required a lot of effort. There were always chances of rashes and skin issues with washing clothes on your own. But now there are washing machines which are getting advanced day after day. There are both manual and automatic washing machines developed for the convenience of users.

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As for washing machines, technology is even playing a bigger role in marketing. Once marketing was a total headache though it did generate revenue the tasks to be performed were very stressful. You had to convince the customers with all your potential, and it required lots of work for sketching and implementing your demos. But through digital and technology affiliated marketing things have become a lot easier. There are many reasons for a person with marketing as a profession to introduce technology.

Everyone tries to make their business and product look attractive so that the customer buys it easily. The user of the current time is becoming increasingly disinterested with all the typical and annoying sales pitches and websites so now if you want to keep your users engaged with your site you need to come up with something new and innovative. There are many ways with the help of which you can do the content marketing easily and efficiently.

One of which is to add videos to your site. Using videos in the publicity of your brand is an ideal medium. It helps you and guides you regarding the brand, its origin, its goals and objectives more effectively. It offers a better experience than any other media.

Digital marketing is very beneficial for marketing purpose. One of the biggest concerns with this employment is related to the time spent. You need to consume your time a lot so that you can increase the frequency of customers. And digital marketing surly saves your time.

There are many other advantages of digital marketing that can be very vital for your business. It makes everybody turn towards technology for business. But the renovation is getting into a new stage from 2017. In 2018 digital marketing is going to be very accurate and precise with the unnecessary information.

There are Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends 2018, Worth Paying Attention.

1 Impact of video advertising

impact of video advertising
Video advertising is one of the most common and most concerned types of marketing. Through video advertising, you can force your client to approve your product. It can be very difficult for you to express your business entity and your brand live in front of the clients. A video can help you get their attention with ease. It can be very difficult for you to prepare for a speech or any other conversation with your clients, but a video can be very beneficial and very likable.

With advertising of your brand through a video can be much easier and efficient as compared to presenting it live in front of an audience. The making of video can be much easier and relevant. You may take some time and steps to compile a good video. While making a video, you can be able to perform amendments and can even edit it.

First of all, you must decide a brand or a product for the marketing. The product to be chosen must have a great demand and a great value in the market. The item you may choose for your marketing purpose must be unique and prestigious for users. Day by day new and renovated products are being introduced in the stock market. You must not copy another person’s idea. Your product should be a rarely sold item so that its introduction to advertising can make it popular. The product must be decided according to the requirements and needs of people.

After getting a valid product idea, you may have a brief note to its specifications. You may take expert advice from a person with idea relating the same product. After getting advice and a brief note on your products specifications, you may write the script and made a video of it. The location to be selected must be a prime one, and you should go through your video again and again to determine errors and for editing purposes.

2 Social Media

social media
From the past decade, social media has gone to a new level. The power of social media is increasing day by day. This power supports the voice of the majority and neglect the ideas supported by minorities. The power is a nation based rather than a politician or a wealth based. There are no limits to social media. The media is being extremely progressive with the help of youngsters. There are loads of youngsters showing their intent and passion towards this field. There are high positivity and negativity extracted from this media.

The biggest advantage of social media is about its character. Any person can be a good part of social media. Rich and poor people combine their thoughts about an issue using social media. The idea of racism is much decreased, and people of different character can be a part of the same resolution. But the disadvantage is about its extremism. It can be very harsh and extreme at moments.

The importance and value of social media are increasing day by day. The frequency of people getting indulged in social issues is rapidly ascending. Due to this increased frequency of people marketing can get a lot of benefits. The number of people affiliated with social media in 2018 will be lots more than that in 2017.  So to advertise your product social media is the best way. Your product can get fame and prestige rapidly if it is good enough.

3 Television

Every person likes to watch TV. You can advertise your product on television as the specifications of your product can be viewed by many people, and it can even impress many users to be your regular customer.

4 Smartphones

A new brand is incomplete if it doesn’t have an application for all of its purposes and tasks. The era is being modernized, and the people are supporting the idea of the usage of mobile phones for getting in touch with their stuff. You may form an application so that your customers can get in touch with the brand with ease.

5 Optimize your app for mobile phones

Your app dedicated to mobile phones must be optimized. According to Google, more than fifty people of people leave the page if it takes too long for it to load. So to let your customers remain satisfied and happy with your product you must optimize your app so that it can work properly and can take less time to get loaded.

6 Content marketing

content marketing
It is not the most prolific way to advertise your product, but it still can be very beneficial as many people do read articles. Also, there are people who are book lovers so while reading books online, they can read your scripts as well.

This article is contributed by Shawn Marshall, content marketer at SQUARESHIP.

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  1. Hi, Shawn! Thanks for sharing 6 digital marketing trends to use in 2018.
    Marketers should leverage digital marketing into their campaigns. They can integrate one to the other – video marketing + social media marketing, video marketing + mobile marketing. There a number of possibilities to drive that goal!

    Thanks for your content! 🙂 (y)

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