A Guide for Effective App Store Optimization (ASO)

Today, marketing in social media is a must for every business! Every product, agency, blog, service or company needs an effective strategy in order to stand out from the crowd of competitors. And, although not everyone realizes this, even apps require using many different practices and techniques of optimization to ensure their success.

effective app store optimization
What is app store optimization? Mobile applications also require applying marketing techniques to improve the visibility and rating of your apps in the search distribution of the Apple App Store. With the help of app store optimization tools, your application can get to the top of the search list, which in turn will increase the number of downloads and your revenue. But how to do app store optimization effectively?

This article contains a step-by-step guide with useful tips that will help you develop your skills in building marketing strategies and get yourself into the leaders of the App Store!

App Store Marketing Guidelines

1. Understand the desires of your customers and the strategy of your competitors

app store optimization
How well do you know your customers and your competitors? An effective optimization strategy for iOS apps is primarily based on understanding what kind of audience you strive to attract, are they based in India, USA, Europe or another place, how do users utilize your product, and how your competitors use their knowledge of this statistical data. First, ask yourself a few questions.

  • What language does my target audience use?
  • What are the main reasons that make them choose my application, download and use it instead of choosing any of the thousands of similar products?
  • What are the advantages of my competitors?
  • What keywords are used to find applications that are similar to mine and how can my product stand out among others that respond to the same keyword?
  • Which is better: use standard keywords, or rare ones that will better describe the uniqueness of my product?

Start your strategy with putting yourself in the shoes of your customers. Your goal is to answer the most frequent search queries, use those keywords that the client uses, and the best way to find out what kind of keywords you need is to conduct a small market research.

It is also important to learn more about your competitors. This way, you will understand whether it is worth using the same keywords or it is better to think of something else that will highlight your uniqueness.

2. Choose a name for your application

A unique name is not just branding. In order for your ASO strategy to be most successful and bring the best results, include the most relevant keywords in the title. The name is an important factor in the search. Recently, guys from TUNE conducted a study that showed that those applications, which have the keywords in the title, are more than 10% more popular than other because they are easier to find!

In order to make your product recognizable and memorable, create a concise and good name, and use only those characters that are supported in the App Store. Any strange characters will shatter the entire ASO strategy, and iTunes will use your ID rather than the name when searching.

In the App Store, the name of the app is limited to 255 characters, which gives you an extensive field for imagination and creativity. However, you shouldn’t include all the keywords and phrases in the title. The name of the application is the face of your brand, the first impression that can be negative with a crumpled name. Also, note that long names will be shortened in the list. Usually, they are reduced to the 23rd character (including spaces) in the App Store.

3. Expand the list of keywords

The App Store provides a field with 100 characters. All keywords and phrases from this field and the name of the application are used in the course of search, and this is something you should keep in mind to create a good proposal for your product. Do not forget to enter all possible words to increase the possibility of getting into the first lines of the search but keep it understandable for clients. Why does it matter? If the product description is complete rubbish with a lot of keywords, then even a high search rating will not help you sell the application!

4. Create a convincing description

The description should attract the client, not the search engine. It should convince the potential customers to download your application, just like the landing page of a website has to convince clients to use your services, buy your products, etc.

Describe everything in simple language and list the advantages. We recommend concentrating all your creativity on the first three lines since they are the ones that create the best impression and make the client read on. Also, it is a good idea to create a PDF file with description first because this way you will have a possibility to edit and adjust the text with ease!

What if the application has paid membership? There are different opinions on this. Some developers choose not to include the information about the prices or different packages of paid services, and in this case, you will have to decide whether you want this data to be in your description or not.

Also, don’t forget to adjust the description. With each update, description should display the new changes, so you should always take the time to update the description in accordance with the new functions of your app marketing features.

5. Create a unique icon

Make sure that the icon of your application attracts attention. Ensure that it meets the requirements, do not load it with unnecessary elements, such as text or logos – it will be difficult for a person to perceive such an icon. In order to have an idea of ​​the successful options for icons, look at some of the icons on your desktop – these icons have a bright color, attractive shape, and a simple image. Almost no one uses text. Some use a shadow to make it look volumetric and stand out on the desktop. Also, it is important to study the icons of your competitors, so as not to create something similar to the one already existing.

6. Localize your product

People from around the world are using applications. Only 31% of these people live in North America and of those who do not live in English-speaking countries, as many as 72% prefer to use their own language when searching for applications, even if they know English – these two factors should open up new opportunities for you. You can use different languages ​​to attract customers and localize your product.

7. Increase traffic with the help of external promotion

Internal optimization is just one of the tools of your mobile marketing strategy. And it is here that your knowledge of SEO plays a key role. In fact, the total number of visits to the application page and backlinks is one of the factors that affect the location of your product in search results.

8. Frequent updates

Customers love those applications that are constantly improving; you have to listen to customers’ feedbacks and base your updates on them.

9. Feedback and evaluation

feedback - app store optimization
Whatever you do, the most important indicator of your success is your rating: reviews and ratings that your users leave. Good reviews will bring your product to the top of the search and guaranty success.

In order to get a high rating, you need to create a connection with users and involve them in the process of improving the product. Let them feel that their opinion is important to you – and they will write a sincere response. Show that you consider all the claims that users make in their reviews! Try always to correct the highlighted shortcomings in the updates – and users will give you even more positive feedbacks and high evaluation. However, note that this will not happen immediately. Usually, reviews are written either by your fans or by those who hate your product from the heart, and in both cases, their feedback does not carry useful information that you can use to make some improvements. So be patient, keep in touch with users, and it will pay off!

Summing Up

Now you are aware of the basic ways of creating an effective ASO strategy, and you can easily outrun your competitors. Use this knowledge with intelligence and accurate calculation. Of course, you will encounter some difficulties on the way to success, but sometimes it is good to take risks!

Article is contributed by Alyssa Johnson, she is a blogger and freelance writer at https://customwriting.com

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  1. Filip Zafirovski says: September 27, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    Great piece Alyssa, loving it.

    I want to ask you.

    In which situation would you ditch SEO for advertising?

    Kind regards,

  2. Alyssa Johnson says: November 15, 2017 at 6:43 am

    Thanks for your comment Filip. 🙂

    I always include SEO in online advertising option but when we want quick results OR you can say business sales, than I prefer to go with paid media rather than going with SEO because it’s a long term process and will give results after 12-15 weeks work.

    Let me know if you have further any query, I am happy to assist you.

    Kudos !!
    Alyssa 🙂

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