How to Generate Qualified B2B Leads Through Quiz?

If you operate in the B2B space you know the importance of generating qualified leads.In today’s world of cut-throat competition where locational advantage has been nullified success often belongs to businesses that have a bigger and better list of leads. Unlike the B2C space where quantity of leads can often drive sales in the B2B segment you need to focus on quality. If there is a business looking for products and services that you offer it is important for you to reach out to them before your business rivals do. It isn’t easy as your competition is also eyeing for the same set of customers and attempting to reach out to them.

How to Generate Qualified B2B Leads Through Quiz?
In case are looking for an effective means of marketing that won’t burn a hole in your pocket you should opt for digital marketing. You may already been running an SEO campaign of have been active on your Social Media handles. But that isn’t enough as your competitors are likely using the same strategies. You need to grab eyeballs in a convincing manner and this is where quizzes can work wonders for you. Many businesses in the B2B segment have been actively promoting themselves with quizzes and you may have come across such quizzes in the recent time.

Promoting Brand Through Quiz

The use of quiz as a promotional tool isn’t new. It has been there for a while especially in the B2C segment where brands have used personality and trivia quizzes to generate leads. The overwhelming success has encouraged businesses to try out the same strategy with tweaks for the B2B industry and the results have been positive so far. Unlike other digital marketing strategies that have lost some sheen in recent times due to over exploration quizzes lend a fresh breath to your digital marketing campaign. They are engaging and allow you to grab attention of your target clients easily.

Create Engaging Quizzes with Online Quiz Maker

While the idea of creating online quizzes sounds promising does it also sound like a challenging task at hand? Yes creating online quizzes with lots of questions, different outcomes and customized landing pages sound challenging, an online quiz maker would make it easy for you. An online quiz maker comes with all the tools you need to create a tailored quiz campaign. You can choose from a large gallery of templates based on your needs and the theme of your quiz. These templates are fully customizable and hence let you enjoy complete control over the creative elements in your quiz.

The state-of-the-art dashboard in an online quiz maker allows you to set up quiz within minutes. You can set as many questions as you want and determine the outcome of the quiz if you are setting up personality based quizzes for your potential clients. The lead generation form is integrated within the quiz itself and this ensures that every client who takes the quiz would have to share their contact information to complete the quiz before checking outcomes or success score. In-built analytics tools in online quiz makers allow you to keep track of the reach and performance of the quiz.

Why Quizzes Are Best form or Lead Generation?

If you are already experimenting with lead generation strategies you may wonder what are the advantages of quizzes and why it is the best form of lead generation.  When you use an online quiz maker and create a B2B quiz you’ll enjoy several incentives. These include –

Higher Engagement– How many blog posts that offer insights into a company’s services and products do you read on a daily basis? Few? None? The fact is you can publish dozens of blogs every month and promote them on social media but few are likely to be read. Quizzes on the other hand are engaging in nature. When you add fun element to them they would be able to grab attention easily and engage your target audience.

Faster Lead Collection– Thanks to their higher engagement rate you would also be able to generate leads faster. You would be able to constantly feed your sales team with new leads and this helps them stay motivated and charged up.

Qualified Leads – This is obviously the biggest advantage of using quizzes over other digital marketing techniques. Quizzes not only let you collect clients’ contact information but also let you know about their needs. If you are creative with your questions especially for personality based quizzes you would be able to understand your clients’ brand better, know about their goals and identify opportunities for your business

Tips for Setting up B2B Quizzes

Choose Right Direction– B2B quizzes are fundamentally different from B2C quizzes. Here you aren’t targeting an individual but a business. Even if you wish to use personality based quizzes you must set outcomes and frame questions that let you get insights about the business. It is important to choose the right direction with these quizzes where you engage with the users and passively promote your brand at the same time.

Capture Leads At The Right Time – Your idea of the quiz as an engaging tool should not be lost out on your eagerness to capture leads. Starting with a lead generation form before the start of the quiz may not be the smartest things to do. Engage the users and put this form before they can see their results or outcomes.

Offer Something In Return – You must appreciate the efforts that users would take while completing the quiz and you can reward them in return. Offer discounts on purchase of your products or other freebies. If you are in the service business you can offer them complementary services which can help turn them into regular customers.

To conclude quizzes are a great way to generate highly qualified leads in the B2B segment. When you choose a good online quiz maker you would be able to create engaging quizzes in short time and launch them on a platform of your choice without any hassle.

This article is contributed by Mark Gill, writer and marketing expert at OpinionStage.

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