How to Optimize Digital Marketing Strategy for Better Conversions?

Captivating visitors is the task of every marketing strategy. Digital world hits the stride in the brunch of innovative trends. Every search engine optimization company knows how important digital strategies are for a successful marketing campaign. These trends evolved together with the trend of cashless transactions, which are widely used online. They are playing with human sense perception. Business is doing their best to make people buy the product without any physical contact such as touch and smell.

optimize digital marketing strategy better conversions

Here is best practices to optimize digital marketing strategy for better conversions

1. Content Marketing

Every Google SEO marketing company knows how important visualization is. Content marketing has been using during the part few years. Each SEO text must have a picture with an appropriate name and meta tags. The image has to be unique. Best SEO services always use keywords in the name of the image. It is attractive, contains visual information and influence visitors’ emotions. Specialists believe that it also improves conversions. The image of the product rises the chances of the purchase exponentially. Owners of business appreciate wow content, which is not only informative but also can grant potential clients with emotions they seek.

2. Social Media

Social Media
The whole social marketing world is tooled for digital content. Today Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other are the main platforms for every optimization company. All of them teem with digital content. Optimization secrets boil down to finding ways of improving the number of conversions. Marketing tools include digital content to every campaign. That is why it is important not only to follow the trends and updates offered by social networks but also to activate all the creativity and adaptability.

3. Enhancing Video Adds

Every web user has noticed five-second long adds which blocs the initial video from viewing. Not everyone knows that this is a smart random mechanism which includes complex processes to rich the target audience instead of gain the desired number of views. Video advertising is a blend of various strategies. In a nutshell, all cookies and other information are used to generate the best set of information oriented to your interests. Engaged visitors are more valuable in business marketing strategies then random ones.

4. YouTube vs. Facebook

In 2015 Facebook announced that they had reached the total amount of 8 billion views per day.  It is the best result of all video social networks. Although the rate of engagement is low due to the digital tricks they use. For example, a visitor is counted as a viewer after first three seconds of the video even if it is muted. It means that most users who have autoplay feature activated are potential viewers. Moreover, most Facebook videos were initially downloaded from YouTube. It may bring you to the idea of where you will get the most engaged viewers instead of bare numbers. Contemplate the platform to rich the tangible result.

5. Invest in YouTube Vloggers

There are plenty of advertising tools to be used to promote the site of your business. Google search can show you the most popular ones. Consider a few of them to sponsor. Remember, mentioning your product in the video differs from pop up video adds. Subscribers believe the recommendations of the channel and often take the advice for granted. This is the best way to promote a product through video media. The leading positions hold pet and animal videos. You should also consider the theme of the YouTube channel and the desire of creators to highlight companies they prefer.

6. Live Videos

Facebook and Instagram have implemented a feature of live videos. They grant interned addicted users with a feeling of live communication and connection. For example, you have a resales company of products for hair care. Make a live translation from a professional hair salon. Hire a person to stream and comment the process of applying your product. Let him compare the before and after results and list all the advantages. Make it funny and engaging. You will rich your audience and create a unique media material for social promotion campaign.

7. Professional Photos Vs. Mobile

professional photos vs mobile
Search engine optimization appreciates uniqueness. This concerns both texts and media materials. Unique photographs of the products, services, clients, processes, or results can be both professional and amatory, and both of them are useful. Professional photo material is the best option for websites, visit cards, official videos, and other promotional digital media. On the other hand, people don’t want to buy a cat in a bag. Upload unprofessional photos of your product. This concerns clothing shops, accessories, cosmetics, shoes, sports equipment, home decorations, furniture, and other.

8. Make Your Clients Promote Your Product

The best source of unprofessional photos for social networks is your clients. Make them upload digital media through various discount promotions. Launch a contest for the best photo or video featuring your product. Best haircut, selfie, outfit, interior design, extreme selfie, creative idea, logo or any other idea. This will grant you with a generous feedback from clients and with a rich library of photo, video and other material for future marketing aims. People appreciate honesty and engagement. They also appreciate discounts and gifts.

9. Stories, GIFs, DIYs, and Other Candies

Use all the best that social network can offer for personalizing your digital promotional campaign. For example, a motion is always more attractive, so prefer gifs to photos. Another idea is creating a collection of stickers for chatters like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, and other. This digital media type is useful for startups. Post stories with various daily routine happening inside your company. Grant clients with a small access to your insider information. Do It Yourself videos work best for craft production, makeup, cooking industry like bakeries; enterprises can post a video of technical processes, compilation, polishing and other.

10. Special Promotion Campaigns

Christmas, Thanksgiving day, Black Friday, Easter, Halloween is a marketing show time. Always consider special digital media material for special events. This is beneficial not only for SEO but also for general engagement of clients. This is also the best time to launch special events and film them for the digital media library. There are plenty of ideas how to bring Christmas or other holidays to your production or promotion. The best example is Coca-Cola, which always associates with a truck and a Santa driver.

11. Mobile Application

mobile application
A product in a pocket. This is a slogan for every company that has a mobile application. The idea is to bring clients closer to the product you produce. It has to be stylish and responsive. Make your App SEO optimized. This is the link between you and your existing customers who prefer order online instead of go shopping. Fast product choice and convenient transactions are attractive. It is hard to buy what you can’t touch, smell or play with. Make your application force your client’s order products.

Bottom line

Digital media expand into a market constantly. With all the benefits they provide you can create a successful marketing strategy which will not only engage new clients but also keep current ones. Remember to follow the updates and use all the modern tools offered by social networks and platforms. Donate a few bloggers to promote your company. Always think about quality instead of quantity. Launch promotions to gain feedback and succeed with your digital marketing strategy.

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