Refund Policy

We at 6S Digital Marketing Solutions trust in assisting our clients and customers as much as possible by us, and have thus arranged for a considerate refund policy. A few customer dissatisfaction cases might be faced because of quite many reasons from our services. But we have given full liberty to request for a refund from us by canceling their project works. If you have any kind of question regarding our refund policy, you can contact us anytime so that we may assist you in a better way.

Our Refund Policies

  • We, the 6S Digital Marketing Solutions, will strive our level best to provide excellent quality services that meets our clients’ requirements. If by chance any of our clients are not entirely pleased by our services, we can definitely endow them with a refund. For processing all the refunds will take at least 7 working days, and thus will be refunded in your account, either via direct deposit in your bank account, or else via Account Credits.
  • While paid via credit cards, the refunds will be issued back to the original credit card offered during the purchase time. If paid by Payment Gateway Name payments, the refunds will be done to the same bank account.
  • When you have taken our assistance of professional SEO services for building up your website, and we’ve worked on it finely, but still if you are dissatisfied by our design, we would refund you back your money. Even after our execution on your site, it lacks the traffic rating and you’re unhappy by this, refund will be done by us.
  • Our specialized content marketing team will assist in crafting amazing contents for your sites, blogs, press releases, social networking sites, etc, but if you are not quite pleased by our writing production, then we will repay you in your bank account. Though we know that we wouldn’t let you down anyhow.
  • One-time and the very first-time accounts are entitled for refund. If you are our client or customer and have already an account before with us, then canceled and yet again signed up, or opened a second account with us, you won’t be entitled for any refund.
  • When clients are not much contented by our provided services, the final refunds will be formulated after deduction of service tax and hourly charges for the work finished by us.
  • Within 24 hours or 3 days after placing of any order, you can cancel it, but you would get your refund amount up to 90% or up to 50% of the order value.
  • If not seven days, you will get back your payment within 30 days by us from the date of first installment of the project.

If you have any inquiries or comments, you can please mail us at [email protected].