Remarkable Social Media Marketing Trends 2015 that Make Your Marketing Campaign Successful

It was a little over five years ago when MySpace was still very popular, and Facebook just rolled out the now iconic “Like” button for user engagement. But as search engine optimization (SEO) trends have changed, so has social media marketing. In today’s information-driven and consumer-empowered world, the focus is on experience, as brand love and customer advocacy is what really takes care of a company’s bottom-line. The World Wide Web is so content-driven that businesses without a solid content marketing strategy integrated as part of their social media marketing cannot succeed.

Remarkable Social Media Marketing Trends 2015

Outlined below are the most remarkable social media marketing trends that are set to make your marketing campaign successful in 2015.

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1. Inserting Personality, Humour and Wit to Humanize Your Brand

A huge number of brands have scrambled to humanize and interact with their target audience on a more personal level – and social platforms have given them the perfect opportunity to do so.

Although many individuals may be using platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn for professional purposes only, most people use social media networks for entertainment purposes – more specifically, to interact with real people and not with corporate-sounding lingo. As such, inserting personality, humour and wit into your brand has become critical to gaining exposure and getting more users to interact with your company on social media networks.

Let’s take for example, the following post by BarkBox, a trending box delivery service that caters exclusively to adorable dogs. Established back in 2011, the company has been making its social media presence stand out due to the large chunk of their marketing focusing on entertaining. This Facebook post has received almost 3,000 likes, 170 shares and 42 comments in just 9 hours. In addition to establishing brand authority, this massive amount of interactions and shares increased the chances of this post showing up in friends’ Newsfeed as well, which obviously resulted in more followers, likes, leads and customers.

Barkbox Social Media Marketing Plan

2. Telling Motivational Stories

In 2015, a lot of brands have embraced the power of telling motivational stories as a way to create interaction and encourage both fans and non-fans to convert. But since you cannot share an entire story in a tweet or Facebook post, you must start pulling powerful quotes or engaging titbits right from the story you have posted on your website.

Charity: water, a non-profit organization with the mission of providing clean drinking water to everyone across the globe, offers a good example of how storytelling can attract more fans and even result in people responding to calls-to-action more effectively. The company uses social media to reach their fundraising goals, providing heart-wrenching content that has a way of spurring their audience to contribute. Back in 2014, Charity: water launched a campaign called “Why I give” in which every person contributing to fundraising would share their story. This added a human element that entices fans to take action. Margot de Cunha of Word Stream admits to having created a birthday campaign in which people asked their friends and family to donate, rather than give presents after having watched a video by Charity: water at Hubspot’s inbound conference in 2013.

Charity Water Social Media Marketing Plan

3. Allowing Fans to Get Involved

Probably one of the most effective social media marketing trends in 2015 is allowing fans to get involved with your brand. Not by posting comments or sharing content, but by turning customers into models. Fans are brimming with excitement at the thought of having their pictures showing up on the social profiles of the brands that they’re following which results in consistent content sharing and engagement that unavoidably leads to more sales.

FreePeople, an American bohemian apparel company, boasts 1.8 million Instagram followers, which they have acquired by asking their customers to post images of themselves wearing the company’s clothing with specific hashtags depending on the item they are wearing. Many of the images have been further posted on Free People’s official website, increasing sales by a whopping 25 percent.

4. Investing in Paid Advertising

With a huge number of brands that have already established a strong social media presence, newcomers find themselves struggling to grab their target audience’s attention. It’s a well-known fact that many social networks also reduce the amount of exposure that companies get to push them into their advertising programs. In 2015, Facebook ads became an strongest medium for brands seeking to get more eyeballs to browse through their websites and ultimately complete an action.

But despite the cost (which isn’t as expensive given the profit opportunities), paid advertising is now a natural part of companies’ social media marketing efforts. Facebook ads offer you the possibility to target your audience based on very specific demographics (gender, age, location, religion, political views, interests, and more). Not only does this ensure that more users are going to see your content, but it also increases chances of landing new customers.

If you really want to stand out on social networks, consider integrating paid advertising as part of your social media marketing strategy. You may need to set a quite substantial budget if you want to get exposure on more than one platform, not to mention that your posts and tweets should adhere to specific guidelines to maximize conversions.

5. Republishing Updates

Back in 2014, most brands were focused specifically on creating unique posts to entice their followers and fans to take action. They would publish an article or piece of content on their website, and would then share it across several platforms along with an engaging line to get users to click through their links. But one thing they never did was republishing the same updates, or sharing the same links for a second or even a third time.

Nowadays, republishing has become a powerful way to reach out to a wider audience. If one of your Facebook posts or tweets has been specifically efficient and acquired a huge numbers of likes, shares and tweets (not to mention click-throughs), you can choose to republish it – and if it’s been successful once, its success may double this time.

As a rule of thumb, you should never republish updates with the exact same text. Write a different line. Change your approach if you’ve shared a quote last time. Now you can take the opportunity to ask a question, which will certainly invoke an answer from your audience. Moreover, republishing will also enable you to remind customers of your brand and their positive past experience with you. Hiring an online marketing agency is often a good option if you don’t have the time to manage your social profiles, as they can automate the process and also use their expertise to make republishing more efficient.

6. Participating in Twitter Chats

As one of the most powerful social networks, Twitter offers brands many opportunities when it comes to efficient marketing. Twitter chats in particular offer companies the chance to interact with fellow entrepreneurs, industry experts and even customers to share success stories, advice, and even to grow their current number of Twitter followers.

Margot de Cunha of WordStream has shared her experience of participating in #PPCChat, which allowed her to connect with others in her industry, learn about others’ experiences, and even enjoy an increase in her followers. The following week, she’s been also featured as the top quote in the #PPCChat write-up, which is published after every chat.

By joining these chats, you can build brand authority, develop relationships with industry influencers, and discover new leads (which can soon become your customers).

Final Word

Brands that want to increase exposure must carefully create social media marketing plans that address the above-mentioned elements. Even with paid advertising, you may need to wait for some time until you can actually experience a growth in followers or website traffic. Mark on it that consistently managing your profile is critical to ensure that your efforts will be successful. That said; you may want to consider hiring a compelling company to help you employ these practices for maximum results.

This article explains remarkable social media marketing trends 2015, one can follow it to make their marketing campaign successful. Contributed by Maria Sasa, She works with, an online marketing agency in London.

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