5 Step Plan to Spread Content like a Virus

You’ve just created an amazing piece of content, showcasing your products or services.

You’ve published it to your blog, sat back, and then checked out your Analytics.

Thinking you were going to light the internet on fire with your latest thought project, only to realize that nothing actually happened.

No social shares.  No new links pointing to it.  No new visitors.  Crickets.

You just found out about one of the biggest problems facing all online business owners these days — a lot of noise in the marketplace, with so many other sites vying for the same traffic you’re going after.

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Fear not, though, because there is a 5 step fool-proof plan you can use to launch every new piece of content, and turn those crickets into a boat load of new visitors.

5 Steps Plan to Spread Content like a Virus

Step #1: Find sites that allow you to “write for us”.

If you’re working in a competitive space, or within a larger vertical and your site is a niche specialist, getting your content in front of existing audiences is crucial to starting the fire.

The best way to do that is by “guest posting” on other people’s sites.  The sites that already have an audience similar to the types of visitors you want to see your new piece of content.

You can either spend hours, upon hours, upon hours looking for these types of sites, or you can use a quick search hack to let Google find them for you.

find sites that allow you to write for us

To quickly identify sites that are ready, and willing to accept your new content, jump onto Google and enter in one of the following search terms:

  • <your niche> “write for us”
  • <your niche> “guest post”
  • <your niche> “guest contributor”

Replace <your niche> with a niche topic that’s related to your content.

Now, you’re going to have to find a page that dictates what you need to do to contribute a guest post on the target site.

Most times, you can take a small sample of your own blog post, and flesh it out so that it’s a completely new post that can stand on it’s own two feet.

Step #2: Submit the link to various FB groups, Twitter hashtags, and other platforms.

After you’ve landed a few guest posts, it’s time for you to get active on social media.  If you use the right approach, social media can absolutely blow up your traffic numbers, and sometimes cripple your web host.

submit the link to various fb groups twitter hashtags and other platforms

This is going to require a bit of research on your part, because you want to figure out the most popular hashtags, Facebook groups and pages, and big name influencers that can help spread your message for you.

Keep in mind, though, that you don’t want to jump in and start looking like a spammer.  You’ll set yourself back, instead of funnel that precious traffic to your website.

Step #3: Boost your post on Facebook to help it gain traction.

When you have a piece of content that seems to have taken off, getting likes and shares, active comments, and influencers that are accepting it, you want to get the most traction possible.

That’s when the “Boost Post” feature on Facebook works to your advantage.  By coming up with a clever headline and description, along with an image that grabs people’s attention, you can spend a few pennies for each click to bring someone from Facebook onto your website.

boost your post on Facebook to help it gain traction

This is, by far, one of the cheapest ways to set fire to your content.

Take your time, and start with a smaller budget of, say, $5 to $10 per day.  As long as you know the post can stand on it’s own (through interactions from other promotional methods) it’s well worth the investment to bring new visitors (and potential clients) into your website.

Step #4: Jump into the conversation on forums, dropping your link.

If you have forums surrounding your business, you have a prime opportunity for bringing hundreds, if not thousands of new visitors onto your site.

You have to make sure that the content is solving a problem that they may have, or aligns with a topic that is in demand, before you use this strategy, though.

jump into the conversation on forums, dropping your link

Locate a few active forums that may be interested in what you have to offer, and then setup a profile.  Spend a bit of time familiarizing yourself with the platform (to keep from looking like a spammer) and then, when the time is right, drop the links to your new content.

Once you’ve built up your profile, you may even be able to add a signature that contains a link to your website, which can send traffic to you even when you’re not actively working the forums.

Step #5: Find at least 5 questions on Quora related to your topic, and post answers.

Question & Answer sites, like Quora or Yahoo! Answers, are prime suspects for tapping into new visitors.

find at least 5 questions on Quora related to your topic, and post answers

Before you get started, you’ll need to setup an account and make sure that people are actually asking questions about the content, products, or services that you’re offering.

If they are, it’s your chance to jump into the conversation and leave your website as the source for the information — or answers — you’re providing.

Bonus: Repurpose the content as a PDF, Video, Audio, and other formats to share.

There are dozens of sites that allow you to publish content in the form of a PDF, a video, an audio file, or a document, for instance.

These sites also have their own built in traffic that you can get in front of.

The biggest win for these types of sites is the fact that a majority of their traffic comes from the search engines.  That means your content will be getting viewed on a regular basis, and visitors will make their way onto your website on autopilot.

Repurposing the content is fairly straight-forward, too.

For a PDF, simply paste your content into Google Drive as a new Doc, and then “Download As PDF”.  For audio and video files, you can read off the content, and expand on it in a few key areas, then upload it to podcasting and video streaming sites.

Getting the most out of your content is easy if you follow these 5 strategies to spread content.

When you’re trying to land new clients, such as website design, graphics design, writing, or marketing clients, it’s a quick way to position yourself as an authority, and start seeing new leads come into your business.

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