The Amazing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Trends of 2015

The SEO world is one that is ever changing, thus keeping at par with the latest trends is very much essential. Search engine giant, Google keeps changing its search algorithms every now and then, thus for websites to be righty visible along with being relevant in searches, every internet marketer should keep themselves updated with the regular changes. With time, the importance of SEO is getting more powerful, which indicates that every webmaster should keep in mind that to remain in the current fiercely competitive market, strictly following every change included in Google’s PR policies and algorithms is necessary. This way along with making a viable presence online, one is sure to gain a superior competitive edge than their competitors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Trends of 2015

Get familiar with the most amazing Search Engine Optimization trends of 2015

Want to know what are the different Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends that will rule large in 2015? Well here they go.

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• Dominance of content

A certain aspect of balance should be maintained while creating, distributing and optimizing content. The golden rule here is to keep it easy for the masses to understand, but at the same time it should be interesting and unique and by no means mundane or shallow which can be found from any other source easily. Most websites aim for a content having a word count of about 500-700 words each, but one should never be afraid in increasing the count if they are specialized on a domain. Google will only cherry pick one’s write-up based on two important grounds- firstly, if the content is useful or informative and secondly, it is formatted correctly. Those good comments, subscriptions, potential sales and impressions that one’s company rests on will never come if they do not offer their readers with something unique. A perfect merge of engaging, entertaining and informative content will surely grab the visitors’ eyeballs making them come back for more, so Google knows where exactly to add one’s link in the search engine results page (SERP).

• Magic of social media

Social media optimization solutions in the last few years have seen an outstanding growth and have taken this industry by storm. Using successful social media techniques and tools, it will be simpler in making a swift mark within the industry while transforming one’s target customers successfully into clients. In fact social media can create magic to drive improved traffic and as well as better conversion rates simply owing to the fact that having dynamic social media and quality content as part of one’s business will help one’s business in staying in the moment to come.

• Conversations to take over keywords

With Google’s popular Hummingbird update in 2013, semantic search turned into a big deal. Today top search engines are using a word’s context, intent and meaning in search queries rather than merely concentrating on matching up the keywords which indicates more conversational, long-tail keyword phrases is likely to grow in significance for search engine optimization, and one should start away to tailor their SEO efforts towards connecting in a positive conversation with the search engine users.

• Visual content is the need of the hour

Everyone has seen the enormous increase of visual content. In fact, the increased utilization of videos and infographics rather than plain contents is enough proof of how important visual is becoming. Google always indexes rich content with pleasure and also provides the same a specific priority in the search engine result pages. Thus, there is room to suppose that plain content will be softly penalized because the authorities in the search engines are already aware that users are tired of going through a dry text .

• Quality is the key

With respect to content marketing, a good investment is exciting for sure, but the pendulum in the real sense has swung quite far-off from quantity to quality. Here the concept of “slow and steady wins the race” is highly applicable. The marketers should search for the ideal content and at the perfect time and also largely consider smart ways of attracting the kind of consumers that purchases their goods. Of course, all this will take time and may also be challenging to measure, yet it can be done.

• Truly earned links are worth it

Inbound links have been and continue remaining the key off-site sign of authority, trust and value to search engines. In fact a relevant reference from a convincing influencer or publisher will affect the search engine optimization brand awareness, lead generation, audience growth, sales and every other lucrative marketing metric. This should be a foremost feature of any search engine optimization strategy. Schemes such as a reciprocal link or paying for links for one’s brand in cash should be evaded at all costs as these links will put them at the risk of getting a penalty.

• No room for website errors

Any error in the website be it big or small is remarkably dreadful for SEO as these can reduce Page Rank thereby disrupting crawlers from indexing one’s content and pages correctly resulting in poor user-experience. Thus, it is important to concentrate to make certain that one has no broken links on their page and also fix any issues that have been reported in the Google Webmasters.

• This is a mobile world

Mobile adaptability is a quintessential SEO trend in 2015. A website that caters to the basic needs of responsive design is an obligation now rather than a recommendation. In fact, Google has started rewarding pages that are adaptable for mobile. About 1/4th of web traffic generates from mobile penetration. The utilization of smartphone and tablets these days has increased significantly. Thus, if one wishes not to lose their visibility in this growing mobile world, they should strictly follow this SEO trend. Mobile is indeed the future and with mobiles exceeding the use of desktops, one can see those numbers rising up and up. Users are not just playing Candy Crush, texting or doing Whatsapp on their mobile handsets, but also browse the web to look for information. With Google shifting focus towards mobile search as well as unique characteristics such as language voice search, mobile optimization is indeed an absolutely necessity. One should reap the benefits of mobile specific characteristics such as camera, voice and GPS. For retailers, the mobile coupons will help to build backlinks, encourage sales and also attract traffic.

• Wipe out negative SEO

If Google had its way, then gone are those times of inferior backlinks as well as other types of web spam! In the battle against negative SEO, search engine giant plans on winning. One should keep an eye on spam and risky backlinks, as Google’s web spam scheme may have to deal with manual actions, harsher penalties and close spammed websites altogether. Most importantly, one should not think regarding keyword stuffing, but rather ensure that their internal construction is packed with quality links.

Under the invariably and fast changing SEO trends, or search engine optimization in the present cutthroat, volatile industry, mastering the approach in and out is quite challenging for old hand webmasters too. Google ranking policies and algorithms are subject to alter, resulting in a big change in the policies pertaining to the SERPs. With this said, each entity associated to the world of SEO professionally, it certainly is a necessity for one in becoming familiar when it comes to the possible trends that is close at hand, avant-garde strategies for streamlining their page ranking and website’s visibility. No matter one is an SEO specialist or is a site owner having varied constructive policies regarding websites, being aware of both the existing and soon-to-be SEO trends is crucial. Having precise knowledge on the 2015 SEO trends will work wonders to take one’s web business to groundbreaking levels, irrespective of what one’s business requirements are.

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  1. My prediction for search and digital marketing for 2015 is on the mobile and localization side of things, which will be an expansion of trends we ve been following and consulting our clients on for the past 2 years.

  2. Thanks Andrey for sharing your views with us, we also support mobile and localization as one of the top SEO trends 2015. Even search engine, Google also give preferences to those websites which is mobile friendly.

    -Mark W.

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