Top 10 Email Marketing Strategies for Sure-Shot Success in 2016

Increasing popularity of social media marketing channels, many businesses tend to overlook the importance of email marketing. It is a powerful tool that helps to carry multichannel marketing in the most effective manner. In fact, email marketing is a beneficial deal for most of the businesses and leverage the sender to market their products and services on a large scale, covering a bulk audience of prospective customers and clients. You can promote the new offerings, identify and build strong relationships with the new as well as existing customers, compel the visitors to make a purchase and boost the reputation of your brand. Cast off rightly, email marketing can pay you off big returns even on a small investment.

top 10 email marketing strategies

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Here’s mentioning top 10 email marketing strategies that can make every email marketing efforts a remarkable success. Let’s follow the descending order for the discussion –

Top 10 Email Marketing Strategies, follow in 2016

Strategy #10 – Be Acquainted with the Laws of Spamming

Staying well informed about the spam laws that are applicable is imperative so to guide you on the right track with your campaign practices. It can adversely affect your online business if your company gets the tag ‘Blacklisted’. The worth of the time invested in understanding the laws will be realised in the long haul when your company will be recognised as most trusted brand.

Strategy #9 – Inculcate Trust among the Recipients

Make sure you are delivering your emails with a message saying that confidentiality and privacy of the contact details shared are your biggest concern. Clearly convey that the recipient’s information will not be passed or sell off to other parties. Security is the concern that rules the visitor’s mind every time it is about making an online transaction. If you can convince them about this concern, there will be a win-win situation.

Strategy #8 – Be a Subscriber for Your Own List

Before shooting emails to the customer, it is very important to test your email campaigns. And the best way to do so is becoming the subscriber to your own brand. For this, create your email accounts all the big clients including Hotmail, Yahoo, Rediff and Gmail. Each of these functions in a different order. Receiving subscriptions emails from yourself can leverage you with a worthwhile tool to redesign your campaign with the improvements required.

Strategy #7 – Don’t Forget to Keep Holidays Listed

Holidays implies one thing very clearly for the email marketers that recipients are on a break from their work and a majority of them might be using the computer for their personal needs. Reap the advantage of such an edge to target your potential customers by putting some of the email efforts in the holiday time – no matters if it’s Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, or Christmas – holidays are undoubtedly the best time for your to catch attention of target audience and you can expect a good response to the efforts made. If you haven’t worked on the holiday’s list, prepare one today and schedule your email marketing efforts accordingly.

Strategy #6 – Put Hardest of Efforts for an Eye-Catchy Subject Line

If you want your recipient to actually open up your email, it is significantly important to write insanely effective subject line, making them curious enough to explore the content you delivered through email. Spend the requisite amount of time for creating a convincing subject line as this will trigger the further actions.

Remember: A catchy statement creates the first impression about your brand!

Hence, give your recipient a reason to trust your brand with a properly highlighted subject line that’s relevant to their daily routine or concerns they have.

Strategy #5 – Be Wise While Choosing Your Joint Venture Partners

Though joint venture emails can be profitable and highly-influential, make a precise choice of the partners to associate with. Market the products and services that you would like to use or have used. Your reputation is still on the risk even being with the joint ventures.

Just like one spoiled fish that can contaminate the whole pond, one bad choice of venture can ruin all your email marketing efforts. As a result, your company will not be able to succeed even after putting hardest of the marketing efforts.

Strategy #4 – Keep your Message Short and Sweet

Keep your email written content to the point, briefing the most critical things. No one today likes to read an exhausting ponderous email. Time is money – this is true not just for your time but also for the recipients who explore your emails. Your recipients may not have enough time to read lengthy emails and can put down yours in the trash like many others who stuffed too much of content into their emails.

Therefore, you should be clear, crisp and concise with the matter you intend to spread through email marketing.

Strategy #3 – Keep your Audience Engaged with Interesting Content

Don’t ever send out the emails that are not relevant to your target customers as you will be doing nothing but stocking up the junk. If you want your emails to be well-received, you should make it engaging, valuable and entertaining.

Giving your email an edge with the engaging content will create a lasting impression on your visitors, giving them a reason to come back every time they want to know something new about certain products and services.  You will become a trustworthy resource for them where they seek valuable information on every visit.

Strategy #2 – Wait for the Right Time to send out your Email(s)

You will find a huge variety of opinions about the perfect time to shoot your marketing emails. Some swear on sending emails just with the very beginning of a weekend and some claim that it is best to send out emails in mid-week. Some of the surveys show that it is best to send an email in the middle of the night; other claims that email you will send during the lunch hours will bring back much more response. With the so much confusing pieces of advice out there, it is not easy to decide on a particular piece. The best advice to follow here is – Do extensive of market research, evaluate the trends from the campaigns you launched previously and you will surely get a clear solution for your confusions.

Strategy #1 – Identify Your Target Market

Many of the email marketers make a common mistake by showing their desperation when they send out the emails to even the subscribers who have simply no interest in the offerings promoted. Such an action never gets rewarding response rate, and can end up making you a spammer. Ask every individual visitor to sign in for the proper subscription so that you will get a sorted list of people who are actually interested. Moreover, you will not be marked as a spammer.

Now that you have the list of strategies that will help you make maximum out of your email marketing efforts, don’t waste much time in the activities that are followed like a tradition regardless of the results driven from them.


Email marketing has lost its pace due to progressive growth of social media channels, but it still makes an important component of a successful marketing strategy. Hence, it should be taken care of properly.

Let us know your top 10 email marketing strategies to make an email marketing campaign successful via comments. Thanks! 🙂

Article is contributes by Kristy Bernales is a Sr. designer at WebDesignXperts.

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