Top 10 Pay Per Click (PPC) Tools to Optimize PPC Campaign for Better ROI

In any Pay-Per-Click [PPC] campaign, the most significant thing one needs to spotlight is ROI. If by chance the ROI lowers down, there will be a shortage of cash for your PPC client in order to invest in their PPC campaign, and being a PPC manager you might be fired from your job. Therefore, for ROI to improve, the high-quality leads as well as high-volume leads should be produced immensely. So you require searching for a satisfied medium between the two to produce a fine ROI. You should explore an excellent budget and bid for your specific PPC campaign that can also perk up the ROI too.

Top 10 Pay Per Click (PPC) Tools to Optimize PPC Campaign for Better ROI

Let’s have a quick look on the 5 important tips for easily improving the PPC campaign ROI.

1. Management of Costs

You require focusing on several distinct elements of a particular PPC campaign that puts effect on ROI, for example, advertisement relevance, keyword scope, day-partying, match type, and ad distribution. You should know the trick behind managing such costs effectively and make sure these elements execute together for creating the outgoing spending lesser than the revenues.

2. Investigate the Worth of a Click

When your target is to better off your ROI, you also need to investigate the worth of a click. The good thing to begin with is the worth of a customer and then execute backwards. You should reflect upon the kinds of customers who keep on coming back to your website frequently. They are considered as the most important kind of customer. Thus you can execute your way backwards in order to notice how much is possible for you to spend on a PPC click for gaining such long-life loyal customer.

3. Make out When to End Spending

PPC managers and their clients should keep in mind that as because they are spending extra money on a specific PPC campaign doesn’t signifies that your ROI will boost. They should know themselves the right time to stop enhancing the budget unnecessarily. Every time you need to do testing of your PPC campaign for exploring more methods for optimization and production of higher success.

4. Run Budget and also Bid finely

You should try out little experimentation where your budget is administered finely. In this way you will be assisted in exploring your ideal bidding and budget position, and also in improving the ROI greatly.

5. Functioning the Bidding System Tactically

While executing on the biding management approach of your PPC campaign, the functioning of bidding system tactically stands as one of the most significant aspects, and also you should also reflect on the value of quality score.

Usually many companies have been paying for doing advertisements for their services and products in places where they can easily attain their target audiences. With the passing years, Pay-Per-Click has risen to a great extent, and this has helped the companies to focus their consideration towards marketing of their products via online in a strategic as well as gainful manner.

Mentioned here are the 10 essential PPC tools that can assist in optimizing your PPC campaigns for enhancing your ROI.

Top 10 PPC Tools

Top 10 PPC Tools [Pay-Per-Click Tools]

1. Google Trends

Google Trends

Before starting to develop an account framework for your ad campaign, you can easily refer this Google Trends tool which can be cost-effectual and time-savvy too. With the passage of time, it sections and foretells the interests of Google’s audiences on specific keywords in particular country or region. It also exhibits related terms for recommending identical trendy search terms which can be utilized for campaign developing ideas.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Being a free tool, Google Analytics offers you with worthy understanding on the way how your visitors communicate with your website, and how you can maintain your site approachable and user-friendly too. It can simply evaluate the conversions and sales, and how much long any user remains on a web page and how they move in.

3. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

This tool available under Google AdWords can try to predict enormous traffic towards your site with the listed prospective keywords to include to your latest and new AdWords campaigns and ad sets. It can consider your product categories, your landing pages, language targeting, location, etc. On the basis of clicks these keyword presentation are further offered on cost-per-click variation which is allotted to it.

4. Bing Ads Intelligence

Bing Ads Intelligence

Bing Ads Intelligence which stands as an addition of Bing Ads Editor; is a free downloaded keyword tool that offers visitors with simple approach in developing their campaigns in a broader way. You can execute accessing of gender and age of Bing users along with other demographic information in which a particular keyword sets off an advertisement that is to be exhibited on search engine.

Google, Facebook and Bing Desktop Tools

For perking up the effectiveness of advertisers in crafting, editing and handling bigger campaigns, the Google, Facebook and Bing have created their individual offline platforms for letting the users to create changes swiftly towards their online ad accounts. Referred below are some of the ideal features on each PPC tool which are valuable while you start executing with them.    

5. Google AdWords Editor

Google AdWords Editor

It can give support to AdWords inheritance and increased campaigns; offers advertisers with the skills to view and editing extensions of campaigns, covering Location Extensions, and Dynamic Search Ad Extensions. It even offers editing chances to the users who are using Dynamic Search, Text, Image ads, and Product Listing Displays in their campaigns. It even offers the advertisers to notice and do editing of extensions of their campaign, involving Location Extensions, Dynamic Search Ad Extensions, and Sitelinks.  

6. Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor

This tool can amend news’ feeds, and also craft and handle the webpage posts. It even provides the advertisers to do editing of ad placements and flight dates, and also customizes the audiences easily. It can even execute copy-paste of ad as well as campaign data to and from Power Editor and Excel too. The tool even reflects upon periods and commas as decimal indicators while putting in numeric information in the account.

7. Bing Ads Editor

Bing Ads Editor

It offers an alternative of holding a user import, regain and utilize their Google AdWords campaign on Yahoo ‘Bing’ platforms. It can view change history in the graph format for noticing how such changes can put an effect on the account as well as the campaign performance. This tool can also display ads from earlier in your account as they would approach in search engine, and by default lessening your click-through pace.

8. is considered as one of the remarkable PPC management tools. The PPC tools of WordStream offers the marketers to create optimization continuously and further enlarge their PPC marketing endeavors via increased keyword planning, keyword analytics, keyword alliance, as well as long tail keyword exploration. Its PPC tools are very elegant, and developed for highest effectiveness and automation, that’s why in small time and effort you acquire the best out of your PPC search engine marketing. Few of the WordStream’s PPC tools are listed below.

  • PPC Software Tool: The WordStream PPC Software Tool is created to enhance production and also making actual outcome. It even offers you to section swiftly and group big lists of keywords. It can assist to remain fruitful and turn your pay-per-click campaigns more beneficial for obtaining a successive AdWords campaign management.
  • Long-Tail PPC Tool: WordStream’s Long-Tail Software Tool accumulates long tail PPC keywords from the server logs of yours, and also manages and categorizes them as per improvement in your quality score. This tool completely increases your productivity in a superb way and decreases your PPC AdWords ads.
  • PPC Tools for Negative Keyword Discovery: This free tool can easily assist in recognizing improvident ad spend on specific keywords which are not related to their business or their target audiences, thus letting you to progress the Click-Through Rate [CTR], elevate your quality score, and saving of money.
  • Pay-Per-Click Management Tool: PPC Management Tool allows you to execute numerous functions in order that you can easily section it, arrange it, and further do optimization of your SEM campaigns with easiness on main action-oriented platform.

9. AdWords Performance Grader

AdWords Performance Grader

It is an innovative fresh tool which assists in assessing the performance of AdWord campaigns on numerous key criteria, such as quality scoring, effectual utilization of negative keywords, long-tail keyword optimization, and landing page as well as ad text optimization. With the help of this tool, you can even make comparison of your performance grader score along with your competitors that will convey you where you stand rank-wise in the competitive setting. Many PPC experts have crafted the free AdWords Performance Grader to exhibit where exactly your campaign is making efforts, how you can improve your campaign performance; enhance your ROI; and assess your AdWords account, thus offering a progressive in-depth analysis.

10. Splittester


It is a very simple tool to use as split testing is considered as one of the most significant accomplishments included in optimization of AdWords campaign. It actually adds two ads and makes them encounter each other to notice which ad gives the better performance than the other over the passing time. When you come across the winner, you remove the losing ad, swap it with fresh ad variant, and begin a new spilt test. Hence you just need to enter the number of clicks every ad obtains, and its click-through rate. You have to then click on the calculate button and acquire results immediately in percentage that conveys how certain you should be so much that the ads will have distinct response rates over the long phase.

Well the popular 6SDigital Marketing Solutions provides you excellent tips for developing the Pay-Per-Click [PPC] campaign as well as remarkable PPC tool services for optimizing its campaigns for improving good ROI. Without any doubt in mind you can take their assistance so that you can better your PPC campaigning process!

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