Top 10 Social Media Analytics Tools

Social media marketing is becoming a popular kind of marketing nowadays. As more and more people are getting connected to social media platforms, the audience has grown enormous, and the best thing is that your expense is much lesser than other traditional methods of marketing. You can also target a specific audience according to your requirements.

Top 10 Social Media Analytics Tools

But in the world of marketing if you do not have any data to measure your success or failure, it would be useless. So in social media marketing also, you have to perform data analysis to check out how your campaigns are performing and what measures you should take to increase the reach and visibility. There are a lot of social media analytics tools that can help you to make your social media marketing strategies more effective.

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We have mentioned here ten of the best social media analytics tools in random order:

1. Buffer

Buffer is a powerful tool that helps you to plan your posts beforehand so that you do not have to login to your social media profiles every time. You can also choose which social media sites you have to post to. In the free plan you can check the user engagements for every post update. If you want more than that like analysis and insights, you will have to upgrade to yearly or a monthly plan.

Buffer - Social Media Analytics Tools

Buffer serves more than two million people every day. The easy and quick posting methods have made it a trendy tool for a number of big companies including The tool will help you to save more than an hour of your precious work time every day.

2. Google Analytics

In 2012 Google Analytics added social media reports, which can be used to determine the conversion rates from visitors to the social media sites. What is great about Google Analytics is that it is absolutely free. It also has an ‘activity stream’ feature that allows you to understand how the users are talking about your site in social media sites in real time. You can even measure the success of your campaigns by looking at the social media reporting section under Traffic Sources.

Google Analytics Tool

You can also get to know which of the communities is engaging more and referring more visitors to your site. This will help you to put more effort on that social media account. Through Google Analytics you get to know what your visitors are sharing and where they are sharing.

3 . Hootsuite and Brandwatch

Hootsuite is a social media management tool where you can measure your campaigns of all your social media sites. With a single dashboard you can manage all your accounts easily and schedule your posts accordingly. Hootsuite has recently partnered with Brandwatch to extend its analytics ability. Brandwatch has 70 million plus data sources and offers its support in 25 languages.

Brandwatch - Social Media Analytics Tool

Hootsuite is a great tool for mobile network and utility companies as it allows them to manage customer service on Twitter. It also allows you to store draft messages so that you can quickly respond to questions that are asked frequently. You can also get free reports of your weekly analytics in your email so that you can understand fast and in brief about your social media campaigns. 

Hootsuite - Top Social Media Analytics Tool

4. Cyfe

Cyfe is a powerful analytics tool that allows you to monitor all your online presences in a single dashboard and save countless of hours in tracking down data from different sources. It allows you to integrate all online presences from social media sites to Salesforce. The tool also lets you to customise the dashboard according to your needs.

Cyfe - Social Media Analytics Tool

Cyfe has more than 90,000 satisfied users including big companies like Vodafone, Marriott and Groupon. There are a lot of great features that make it a popular choice. It provides real-time reports and historical data which are archived for you to use whenever required. You can also export the data in different forms to be used in presentations or emailing purposes. 

5. Moz Analytics

Moz Analytics tracks the performance of all your inbound marketing efforts, including your social activities, in one place. It also shows how your social media activities affect your standing in search engines.  Moz Analytics tool helps you to easily visualise your efforts and gives suggestion on how to improve your campaigns.

Moz Analytics Tool

The main aim of the tool is to remove all cluttered data and give you only what is important. You can get to know your total network size across all your social media networks in just one place. 

6. Followerwonk

Do you need an analytics tool specifically for your Twitter? Try the wonderful analytics tool, Followerwonk. Check out everything from who are your followers, what they tweet and where they are located. Get a clear idea of your followers’ demographic scenario.

FollowerWonk - twitter Analytics Tool

There are three things that Followerwonk does for you:

  • Find– It helps you to find Twitter bios to connect. It compares Twitter accounts to find overlaps and target new influencers.
  • Analyze– You can breakdown your followers according to bio, location, who they follow, etc.
  • Optimise– You can match your activities to gains and losses in followers, to give your followers what they like best. 

7. SumAll

In SumAll you can add your major social media accounts — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, in one interactive analytics chart. SumAll sends daily or weekly email with insights on how things have changed in your social media accounts.

SumAll Analytics Tool

There are four different features of the tool:

  • Tracking (Free) – Clear and easy access to all your data in one place
  • Reports (Paid) – Provides you with beautiful, presentation-ready reports mailed directly to your inbox weekly. It shows how your accounts have fared in the previous week.
  • Insights (Paid) – Get to know all the little details that will help you to engage better with your audience.
  • Audience Boost (Paid) – Build a following on Instagram and let your audience know all the great things about your product. This will increase the probability of someone buying your product.

8. ViralWoot

Viralwoot provides a complete solution for your marketing needs through Pinterest. It gives an idea when to pin a picture at the right time and also tracks your presence, virality and reach of the pins. It has a simple easy-to-use interface and lets you pin and promote easily.

ViralWoot Social Media Analytics Tool

9. Keyhole

Keyhole provides real-time hashtag tracking for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can find out through this tool how your hashtags are performing and which hashtags are doing better. The tool also allows you to save your hashtag searches, so that you can refer to it in the future.

Keyhole Analytics Tool

Used by some of the big players like Ogilvy and MTV, Keyhole makes it pay attention to the audience and reaching them out easily like never before. 

10. Simply Measured

Want to have a complete understanding of your audience’s and competitor’s behaviour? You can use Simply Measured to analyse your paid, earned and owed activities. It enables the user to create individual reports for all the social media accounts. The best part is that you get to understand your competitor’s behaviour also, so that you can always make strategies to stay ahead.

Simply Measured - Social Analytics

Analytics will always be an important part of your career in online marketing and if you have got the right tools, your digital marketing job is going to be much easier than you have ever thought of!

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