Top 10 Ways to Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you a beginner who’s eager to learn the effective ways for Search Engine Optimization? Then you’ve surely approached to the right place.

Even if you own a website or work for an online business marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must-to-apply technique to gain considerable revenue.

What is SEO?

Ways to Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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SEO is primarily a marketing discipline focused on bringing traffic to the website through free, natural, ‘editorial and organic’ search results on popular Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many others. It caters to the foremost step that a user or consumer performs before buying anything online. Whenever you search anything on the internet, let’s say Google, the search engine pops out a list of different websites that are most relevant to your search, ranked on the basis of accuracy, relevancy, popularity, authenticity and credibility.

From a business perspective, marketing through SEO is the foundation for building a major brand among huge audiences.  While getting a deep insight and intense functioning of SEO requires understanding the structure of the website and then restructuring it, there are few fundamental logics and operations you can learn and implement thus creating a visible difference in your website ranking.

Here are few effective learning ways that will help in taking the right steps to forward optimizing your online business through popular search engines.

Top 10 Ways to Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

1. Learn through Specialized Marketing Websites

There are several interactive and friendly websites for learning SEO marketing. Take a look into some reputed websites like, Webmaster World, and others, and analyze and read the detailed articles on different techniques to implement SEO to your website. provides the ultimate beginners guide to novice learners who are passionate about SEO. There are wonderful patterns of learning through illustrations and cross-linked concepts explained on the website. If virtual reading does not keep you attentive, you can download a PDF of beginners guide and get a printed copy to read. Moz blog and free reading material are also helpful for initial learning.

To taste the real icing on the cake and learning an advanced version, you can opt for a PRO membership.

2. Get Enrolled for Online Courses

Nothing can teach you better than classroom or self-paced learning that encompasses a detailed course module for a week or two. You can find a couple of high-end websites that teach you through online courses from an intelligent and proficient trainer, thereby providing an ideal look-and-feel of a classroom.

Fortunately, some of these websites are wholly focused on practical teachings and coach you through hands-on exercises, assignments and project works. Courses for both apprentices and advanced learners are facilitated at budget-savvy prices. They provide distinguished ways to improve your keyword-ranking and earn a front page position on search engines.

3. Attend Seminars and Webinars

Performing right searches and asking the right questions is the key to gain maximum benefit and become an ace. Keep yourself updated with the live seminars on marketing and SEO taking place in your city or anywhere outside within your reach.

These seminars call skilled professionals from reputed institutes or companies who can well enlighten your knowledge and show you the right direction for knowing SEO better, providing recommendations on what questions you need to ask while learning about SEO implementation.

Nonetheless, if you skip attending these seminars, you can refer to the recorded versions and get acquainted via webinars. Organized and consolidated, the webinars are easily accessible on internet and add value to your SEO basics.

4. Books are always your best guides

The real library of books is a valued place until now. Reading through traditional, concrete material is always a joy.

For all those book buffs, there are unlimited reading materials about SEO in the market. You can even visit public libraries and make the most constructive out of your time. Since internet today is the best solution to all your problems, you can order books online and look for top books on SEO written by renowned writers.

Search engine optimization 2015: Learn SEO with smart internet marketing strategies Paperback by Adam Clarke; SEO Fitness Workbook: 2015 Edition: The Seven Steps to Search Engine Optimization Success on Google Paperback by Jason McDonald are a few to mention.

5. Read Expert Advice

Approaching an expert to gain intense knowledge about the subject is a wiser step. Get in touch with major and leading personalities that can benefit you for a lifetime.

It is not always true that a reputed person is the only expert; sometimes your uncle, a person in your neighborhood or any of your friends can be the ‘Guru of Marketing’. They can tell you incredibly brilliant and insightful secrets about SEO and SEM. Try to grab as much as you can from an expert’s advice.

6. Start Blogging

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t,” well said by Bill Nye. Internet provides you a prodigious virtual platform to meet people from different backgrounds and share your knowledge.

Learning by own through practice is a key to move a step forward. We are fortunate to have open-source platforms where we can express our thoughts and opinions through free blogging.

Start writing articles covering SEO topics and related online marketing techniques in order to create your blog absolutely free. Make them interactive by asking for public poll, opinion and suggestions, which can give you further understanding of implementing search engine optimization to your website.

7. Hire an Esteemed Agency to work for you

Starting an online business does not mean you are the ultimate Godfather to take care of your website. You may be skilled in PR but SEO and SEM are not your forte.

In this case, instead of putting all the eggs in your basket, hire an outside agency specialized in SEO to work for you. It will certainly give you better and efficient results. Working with the agency will also help you acquire skills for SEO and you can then be the master after certain period.

Make sure you engage a reputed, authentic and experienced agency comprising qualified and SEO-savvy professionals.

8. Arrange for regular sessions at Workplace

As learning starts from home, it is a great idea to influence your peers and colleagues at workplace to start personal training sessions and discussions where you can learn from one another’s ideas and experiences.

9. Recall your Past Studies

Any kind of reading and studying never goes waste. Reminiscence the learning you have gained in your high school or graduation, or influencing people through your thoughts and strategies. Recall activities and events you have performed and organized, and apply them on your website.

10. Learn from the Experience

Working experience always returns you back for the efforts you have invested all this time, be it one year or five years in the industry. SEO marketing is all about trying and testing new ways each day. If you have reached a threshold of learning, try discovering and enforcing innovative techniques of raising user engagement and conversions on your website.

If you fail at some point, find the bud in your strategy and put into action again the next day.

Just remember SEO is a lifelong learning process and there are countless ways in which users search on the internet. Search engines change rapidly and so does SEO. Practice and practice again, to grow continuously and reach a milestone in your SEO marketing career.

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