Top 20 Email Marketing Predictions for 2017

In recent years, emails have become a powerful marketing tool for many companies. Currently, there is tremendous competition among messaging services.

Email marketing best practices 2016 were mainly based on custom emails, including stuff like embedded videos, GIFs, and optimization of emails for mobile devices.

These trends are going to remain valid for 2017, but there will be many more to surface as well. As with other advertising types, such as Instagram marketing, email marketing is always on the move.

Email Marketing Predictions for 2017

Although we shouldn’t expect a big revolution, marketing efforts will become more competitive.

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While planning your email marketing strategy 2017, you should choose a good professional method that can cover all – or at least most of – this year’s predictions regarding new trends. For a good manager, choosing the right marketing plan is the key to success.

Here is Top 20 Email Marketing Predictions for 2017:

1. Interactivity

An interactive email is one where the recipient can take action within it. The action itself can trigger one or more events. For example, a subscription or a “buy now” button in an email can lead to the sender’s website, where the recipient of the email can purchase the product. There are still many obstacles for interactive messages, but once they are gone, this method will become widespread.

2. Big Data Personalization

Personalization means the right content for the right person, at the right time. Bulk messaging without personalized content is usually ignored or blocked by email providers. Personalization is already used extensively, but at the moment, most of the email sending services use only their own data. When the barriers between data from different sources are gone, Big Data pool is going be available as a tool for a more targeted outreach.

3. Videos will be included

More and more providers are offering support for HTML5 video in their clients. Video can be easily viewed by the recipient, people prefer to watch videos or skim through photos rather than read, so a video will go a long way, and can raise the quality of the campaign.

4. Encryption

Security is very important for loads of people right now, as it always should be. With all the information traveling through different channels, people need to feel more secure and protected. The delivery of messages not using encryption should soon come to an end.

5. More automation

Triggered messages – like “welcome” messages – are already widely used. But this is still a small percentage of the total volume of messages a company sends out – just 5% Companies need to develop a more complicated and detailed system for future automation soon.

6. A single address will not be enough

People receive so many messages, that it gets increasingly hard to keep track of them. More and more internet users set up a second account to separate personal emails from work-related ones. This kind of online presence needs to be accounted for.

7. Data extraction from a blog or a Facebook group

Very useful personal data can be extracted from a group of people with same interests, which will pave a way for more personalized messaging and outreach campaigns.

8. More providers will draw attention to whether an email is encrypted or not

It is already done by Gmail with more providers to follow soon. Mail hacking is a grave security concern and users have become very sensitive to matters such as this. Knowing that the message they receive is encrypted will be highly valued by a lot of customers.

9. New client applications

There are many as it is already, but new and improved ones are going to continue to spring up. It is a given and a prerequisite for future improvements. Contention for the spot of best email sending service is heating up.

10. Marketing professionals will be more specialized

Like in any other job, development comes from highly trained individuals. Experts who concentrate on specific fields (deliverability, copywriting, design, data entry, etc.) will break new ground and promote further improvement of marketing campaigns.

11. Accessibility will still be ignored

Accessibility has been ignored so far by professionals and designers. But thanks to many conference talks and blog posts, there should be a small improvement in accessibility for disabled people, but don’t expect a revolution.

12. Marketing for wearable’s

With Apple Watch taking the gadget world by storm, marketing efforts need to follow suit and readjust. Outreach should be optimized for the small screen of a smart watch, so that messages can be easily received and read by users owning a smart watch. Accommodating users with new tech is always a neat idea.

13. Email and Social – Match made in heaven

Emails that interact with Social Media, like Facebook or Twitter, have a much higher click-through rate. Mixing the two mediums can substantially increase a company’s audience and potential clients. Both mediums have concepts that can be shared and used for added benefit.

14. Images

Not a new trend, but will continue to thrive in 2017. Images and emoticons can grab the reader’s attention, and this is precious from a marketing standpoint. There should be a balance, though. Too many images or emoji’s can be quite annoying to the recipient. Social Media will provide more insight into the matter.

15. Zero success without a marketing campaign template

Yes, competition is hard out there. You should have a strategy – a marketing campaign template, carefully designed by experts. Even if you have the best product in the world, you will not make it without a good marketing campaign template to boost your chances.

16. More tools on the market

New software and more tools will be used to draw attention and increase automation in marketing. The trend has been ongoing and is sure to spawn a few tools that will undoubtedly improve marketing efficiency.

17. Over-mailing or under-mailing control

Your email marketing strategies should include a plan regarding how often you should contact users on your email list. This should be done after analytical research. Once again, balance is paramount. You don’t want your contact list to be overloaded, so benchmarks are in order.

18. Carefully written content by content creators

A specific group of people needs to be targeted with relevant content. Mass-produced emails are most likely to be deleted. You should use the right words and tone, depending on who you are writing to. Too complicated? Well, there are many professionals now that can do the job for you.

19. More data entry

Databases are needed for bulk mailing lists. As our need for personal data of potential client’s increases, we will need to know more about them. That CRM needs to be filled with data.

20. Automated feedback generation

Emails will need to become able to give you a report about how a client reacted to your email. This feedback will be very useful for future emails and campaigns.

So there you have it, there are many metrics at play there. Predicting user behavior, getting accessibility to where it needs to be, images and video embedding, automation, interactivity and big data – all of this will play a role in future developments. Keep your ear to the ground, read up on more blogs and wait until Email Insider Summit comes around. It will surely bring new things of note.

Article is contributed by Walter Hurley, He is works for SamedayPapers.

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