Top Search Engine Optimization Strategies for 2016

Guys, 2016 is approaching with the Christmas prior. How are your preparations? Are you ready to bang these two festivals with full thrill and amusement? Come on… Lets welcome them cordially! Let’s do SEO for them!!! 😉 😉 What say???

The year is changing, the era is changing, the time is changing and so the Search Engine Optimization Strategies as well. Everyone is screaming many a times that SEO is going to change. Many new transformations will be evolved. But, what will actually happen, it will only be revealed in 2016. The treasure box will open in 2016.

Top Search Engine Optimization Strategies for 2016

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Let’s have an overview what may happen in 2016 in the SEO market. You know what somewhere has stated that:

“SEO, Content and Social are the Three Best Friends”

SEO, Content and Social - Three Best Friends

And, the friends better understand that the true and reliable friendship never ends. Same here! The relationship among them will get stronger day-by-day. And, it’s so rightly said!

  • Content is the King
  • SEO is the Kingdom
  • Social media is the Reign

How can be they disparate from each other? No, it’s not. Content and Social media are the keys to the SEO. Apart from SEO, if you are considering the whole world, then they actually bind the world with the thread of closeness.

“Content is what you type, social is what you interact and the SEO is what you endorse.”

They are connected…!

Wait!!! Apart from these three, there is a mine to know more about SEO.

Meanwhile, Google also keeps updating its protocols and funda to view SEO from its eyes at the regular intervals. It actually makes the amendments in the algorithms to prevent the people from exploiting the algorithm. Well, it’s great to check for ceasing the dishonesty and spamming.

Don’t stop your tongue to swallow more and more about SEO. It’s good to learn and revise the SEO concepts to adapt to the ever-changing model.

Okay…! Let’s start and peep into some probable SEO techniques that will be possible in 2016.

Here is,

Search Engine Optimization Strategies for 2016, SEO Strategies

1. On-Page SEO

Along with the link building procedure, it is quintessential to pay heed on on-page also. Treat the on-page as the substratum of your website. It is the golden outcome of your seamless efforts to give a recognition or face to your business. Don’t let it be in vain. Remember, if your vault isn’t vigorous, then your treasure can be theft at any jiffy. So, make it firm and reinforced.

The major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo crawl your website customarily and if they catch any error on your website, then they won’t lag behind to punish you. To ensure that there is not a single error, website audit is the indispensable and ultimate step to be adopted.

In the meantime, have an eye on some on-page factors:

  • Site Visibility

Make some queries and find the resolution of them. Like:

(i) Do you check the redirects? Are they correct?

(ii) Do you have any errors related to the crawling parameter?

(iii) Does your website contain any malware?

(iv) Do any pages being blocked by robots.txt?

Check these aspects vigilantly, discover if there is any error. If it is so, then rectify it at the same moment.

  • Meta Issues:

Meta data is the significant part of the website. It should, should be accurate enough and in sync with the website. Analyze the title and description. They must be sweet and relevant to the website. Yet, descriptions aren’t considered as the ranking factors, but still the crawlers read them. This will assist you in enhancing your CTR (click-through-rate). Nonetheless, still check…

(i) Is the length of the title and description be adequate?

(ii) Do you have the duplicate title or description?

  • Content:

It is the most imperative aspect of the website. You have to be very careful about the quality and the quantity of the content. Neither it should be too less nor too more. Plus, it should be compelling enough to acquire the maximum traffic and attract audience. And, and… duplicacy is not allowed here also. Believe or won’t… The Content is still the King.

  • Speed:

The other important factor is the speed. The speed should be fast, actually accurate enough that the user doesn’t get bored of waiting to load a website. Do one thing… You can check the speed using Googles Pagespeed Insights. Make sure that you will check your site for both desktop and mobile. It is an important concern. Consider it vigilantly.

  • Semantics:

Grab this opportunity, webowners! You can use “Heading” tags that can drive maximum attention to important keywords. Plus, schema markup assists to make sure that the search engines return more informative results for the users.

2. Double-Algorithm Theory

Google is moving towards the user-centric approach to deliver the search results, endeavoring to meet searcher’s needs.

Rand Fishkin, founder of, says “Search marketers must combine classic Google-oriented SEO and with new, searcher-oriented SEO”. This is the Double-Algorithm Theory. It means you should focus on the following four factors:

  • Click-through Rates: High click-through-rate is the straightforward gesture that searchers find the result more interesting.
  • Engagement: Staying on the page is a sign the content answers the search query.
  • Well-rounded Content: Google’s new machine-learning capability can tell whether a page has enough information to satisfy the query.
  • Social Signals: Pages with high sharing tend to rank higher rather than with more backlinks but less sharing.

3. The rise of voice search

Siri, Cortana… The latest illustrations of the new digitized world. The voice search is just something miraculous. Imagine… you have typed “Home Depot” and then click on the address to find the location. But, with the voice search, you will just have to say-“Where is the nearest Home Depot” and it will automatically work out.

This is the difference! And, trust me, it is great!

4. Be social and mobile

As always, the social media is the shinning element to share your experience. It is actually the grand medium to make your website endorsed in the outside world. It is an enduring aspect and never fades away.

Moreover, the mobile…! It’s the mobile era and in the future, it will be going to transform into solely mobile world that has brought many transformations with it. Make your website mobile-optimized and ready to fly high in the galaxy of other websites of your niche.

Be social and mobile… Be benefited!

5. A mold from HTTP to HTTPS

In August 2014, Google has announced that it would be using HTTPS as the definite ranking signal. It’s good!

HTTPS (HTTP Secure) is a technology to transfer the data between your site and the web server with an additional layer of encryption called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to make your data transfer extra secured.

Don’t worry and panic! It’s for the sake of your web security. Include this in your strategy and be profitable.

6. Guest Blogging is still at elevated niche

Guest blogging is the evergreen component of the SEO landscape. But, still you need to be very cautious. Thousands of websites have mushroomed, soliciting guest posts and offering the backlinks in return.

Though, in 2014 Google considered the guest blogging as the most undesirable method. But, it doesn’t mean that the guest blogging should be banned. Actually, the spammy guest blogging should be stopped, not the good one.

It has to live many years longer. So, ready for it in 2016 also.

Wrapping it up

These are some of the Search Engine Optimization strategies in 2016. Next… hope for the best and wait and watch!

Article is contributed by Yogesh Sharma, he works for Technocrab, as an SEO executive cum technical content writer.

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