What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its Advantages

SEO, popularly known as Search Engine Optimization, is the method of gaining more traffic from free, organic, natural or editorial search results on the search engines. It is basically a technique that assists the search engines to discover and rank your website much higher than millions of other distinct websites, in reply to a search query. Thus SEO helps you superbly in grabbing excessive traffic from the search engines.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s get into the SEO guide which focuses on all the essential information you require to be aware about the Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

While you enter your query on a specific search engine, you then hit the enter button where you find a long list of web results which includes that query term. The users mostly visit those websites that are at the top list on the first page, as they identify them to be more applicable to the query they’re searching for.  If you are speculating why few of these sites rank superior than the other sites, then you must make out that it is due to the strong marketing technique known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). All the chief search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo have prime search results where the web pages and other distinct contents like local listings or videos are publicized, and ranked on the basis on what the search engine reflects upon as most appropriate towards the users. Payment is not engaged, as it is mainly with the paid search advertisements.

Portrayal of Modern SEO Page

Search Engine Optimization is the development of having an effect on the visibility of your site in natural or organic search results of search engine. When you view the modern search results page, you’ll come across two distinct kinds of results. Firstly, you’ll see the ads that are situated in the yellow highlighted box, and also placed in the right hand sidebar. Secondly, below the top ads, you’ll find the organic search results. These are such results that are considered by the Google to be extremely reliable and convincing web pages or websites on the particular subject.

Google SERP

Interesting Parts of SEO

The parts of SEO are pretty interesting including quality of traffic, quantity of traffic and organic results. In Quality of traffic, you would like to catch the attention of more number of visitors towards your site who’re actually curious to know about your product details that you provide. With Quantity of traffic, while you come across the right set of people who click from those search engine results pages [SERPs], there’s a possibility of better traffic. In the case of Organic results, ads create an important part of many SERPs; thus organic traffic is reflected as any traffic where you need not pay for.

How Exactly Do You SEO?

SEO can be split into two divisions: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

How to do SEO, on page and off page seo

    • On-page SEO

This involves around ensuring that Google can locate your web pages quickly so that they can display them on the search results, and also ensures that you have descriptive, appropriate and useful contents to the search phrases you’re attempting to exhibit for.

    • Off-page SEO

In the Off-page SEO, you try to acquire various other websites in order to inform Google what your site is actually about; it has its own authority in the online industry; and they can completely trust this site that can exhibit their results fruitfully. It is executed through obtaining back-links or link-building from other distinct websites.

Top Advantages of SEO

Small and medium businesses can gain a lot of advantages from the SEO. These companies who spend in search engine marketing can have higher ranks on search engine. Those businesses that do not practice SEO can slide down as their situation can turn worse. For the beginners and the current users, knowing about the advantages of SEO will help them hugely to make the best of SEO.

SEO Advantages

1. Build a better user friendly website

For the beginners, SEO will assist you in crafting quicker, better and friendly website for the users. If you’ll follow appropriate on-page SEO techniques, it certainly develops the user experience, which produces short term as well as long term profits. When your users are content, then search engines are also pleased.

2. Discover new markets

With the help of a flourishing SEO campaign, you can discover new markets and explore new economies worldwide. Your traffic level can reach to great heights with the support of social media platforms and mobile marketplaces, by increasing your SEO performance.

3. Find out new customers and help expansion

The businesses that hold their own websites can increase their customer base hugely. SEO will assist you in achieving excellent rankings on the search engine result pages that can grab more targeted customers.  

4. Establish brand awareness via improved rankings

Brand awareness stands as the best advantage for ranking on the highest positions of SERPs. The users nowadays prefer to believe a brand completely when it approaches in the first place while they search for a particular term; instead of those brands which haven’t made their web presence in a well way. Small and medium businesses that require expanding their brand awareness; require spending in SEO, and touch high positions in their industry!

5. Gain better conversation rates

A SEO that is optimized site is quick and simple to use, and well-suited with mobile and tablet appliances. It even transforms to excellent conversions, where common people visiting your site most probably turn to faithful visitors, customers or subscribers.

6. Remain in-synch with the trendiest developments

Search engine industry being one of the quickest evolving industries, you are recommended to remain in-synch with the trendiest developments that will pour more benefits. You can better advice if you’re hiring a consistent SEO company.

7. Put up a loyal fan base through newsletter

A better SEO brings more traffic to your site which can further put up a loyal fan base through newsletter and RSS feeds. You should make it simple for your users to subscribe to your newsletter and feed on your site. From your website’s side, the newsletter should be sent every month or after every two weeks in their mail-box.  

8. 24/7 business should be open

Your business should be open for 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. You need to invest your money as well as time for taking your site to the top of SERPs and at the same time achieve new customers towards your website.

9. Fight your own competition

When you and your competitors are both executing SEO and social media marketing, then you need to execute better performance than your competitor. You require fighting your own competition by putting a step ahead than the other businesses.

10. SEO is superior for social media

Any webpage with top rankings will achieve more and better social media exposure. People while searching will most probably Tweet/Like/+1 a particular web page, when they see it in the first rank positions of SEO results than the page that is ranked low.

Significant SEO Tips for Your Website

While building your own website for personal use or for your company, you require knowing what your website is actually about; what is its functions; and how much committed you are regarding your website. Once you’re clear about these three points, then you should start off. In order to begin with optimizing your complete website, you should keep in mind some of the significant SEO tips required for your website to rank high on the search engines.

SEO Tips

1. Create the website about one thing

Your website should focus on specific one thing, such as Current News; or Information Technology; or Interior Decoration and Designing; or Architecture; or Web Development; etc. Under such topics that your site revolves around you can add few important categories in order to convey your messages or services. Before selecting a topic, you may like to implement a bit of keyword research.

2. State keywords where required most

You require adding your ‘one thing’ in the website title, domain name, tagline, keyword, description, page titles, page content, and blog categories.

3. Update your website regularly

You need to update your website with extremely dynamic contents so that they can be ranked higher than those sites with static contents. The blogs and WordPress websites that are frequently being updated with excellent contents does greatly on search engines.

4. Content engagement a must

You should make sure to produce quality contents on your site that offers significant interactions with the users. Contents should be very engaging in distinct ways that should be framed in unique way and helpful to the readers. The more number of social gestures such as ‘likes’, ‘shares’, and ‘comments’ can strengthen the engagement. So keep your site fresh by adding new contents regularly!

5. Use keywords in your contents and images

The use of keywords is valuable for your sites. You should ensure to add keywords in your contents including title, heading and description, and also images. The keywords should relate to your topic only.

6. Link to internal pages on your website

Though many content management systems would automatically link to internal pages on your website, but if your website is not having this, you would like to link your significant pages straightaway from your homepage and even cross-link them with each other.

7. Apply permalink structure that adds keywords

You should apply an URL structure that adds texts and keywords in your URLs. For example, your site should appear like: http://yoursite.com/coolpage/

8. Eliminate anything which slows your site

Your web pages should load swiftly because visitors hate delays in loading, and tend to go to other sites which are fast. So you should make sure that your site’s page loading time should be in seconds. So you need to eliminate unnecessary items such as big images, music players, and unwanted plugins and flash graphics that lower the speed of your site.

9. Connect your web pages with other social networking sites

When you publicize your web contents online and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedln, then they can be read more by huge number of readers and visitors, and they too can share your links on their social networking page if they like your contents.

10. Ensure your site is indexed in search engines

Quite many search engines will discover and index your contents automatically. So you need to ensure that search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing crawl in to your websites, in order that common people are coming across you online.

11. Prevent modifying your domain Name

Once you select your domain name, you should start working on it; but never modify that name. Your URL’s age is the main aspect in your website’s search ranking, so you need to be patient. If you’ll be commencing a new blog after every six months, then your website can’t gain the value that it is worthy of.

12. Have other distinct website link to you

You should ensure to add inbound links that are vital to SEO. By writing amazing contents, you can try to encourage your readers to link to you. You can even begin guest postings on other distinct blogs.

If you are interested to know how efficiently your website is executing on the search engines, you can apply a free website tool named Website Grader.

We hope by now you might have got a wide knowledge about the Search Engine Optimization! So you should ensure to use the above SEO success aspects for viewing your website at the top position.

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